What makes us different

The FedEx brand is your assurance that we have the dependable and reliable infrastructure in place to secure fast and compliant customs clearance anywhere and anytime you need it

Customs brokerage solutions from Manton Air & Sea are tailored to meet your needs. We take the time to learn about the unique service requirements of our customers. We then work to develop the most effective solution to meet those needs

Personalized service from a large organization

  • Single point of contact available
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • Centralized entry management



  • Extensive geographic coverage; physical presence at major air and ocean ports of entry
  • Consistent import clearance process using a single platform common to all ports
  • Fully automated systems
  • Multi-layer quality controls to aid compliance
  • Ability to bundle with FedEx transportation services and advance security filings


  • Customs brokerage experts on location and available to represent you
  • Service at any port that is reliable and predictable
  • Paperless solutions can save you money and protect the environment
  • Quality controls help you meet your Importer of Record responsibilities
  • Bundled solutions reduce your overall costs



  • In-house production system designed and maintained by Manton Air & Sea
  • Extensive product database and online SOP
  • 100% system redundancy
  • Full EDI capabilities
  • Complete online visibility through My Global Trade Data


  • System is adaptable to meet your requirements
  • Universal profile allows your account to be handled consistently at all ports
  • Entries are accurate and processed in compliance with your instructions
  • EDI integration improves efficiency and reduces operating costs
  • My Global Trade Data provides entry alerts, access to entry documents, and comprehensive brokerage reporting, along with the ability to prepare forms and update your product database



  • Over xxx licensed/qualified professionals and over xxx Certified Customs Specialists (CCS) on staff
  • Extensive industry participation on trade committees and customs associations
  • Independent auditors and regulatory compliance experts
  • Trade and Customs Advisory Services (TCAS)


  • Customs brokerage professionals are knowledgeable, experienced, and well-equipped to service your needs
  • Industry participation provides knowledge and expertise on local/national issues important to you
  • Relentless focus on compliance to help you exercise reasonable care
  • TCAS provides access to a comprehensive suite of consulting services:
  • Import and export advisory services
  • Importer self-assessment (ISA) certification
  • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
  • Product classification

Discount retailer


A major discount retailer required a cost-effective customs clearance service program that provided consistent pre-clearance performance with real-time visibility to their shipment status


The customer needed a high-end brokerage service at a low per container cost. The customer wanted five day pre-clearance on all ocean shipments along with real-time clearance event reporting


This customer had historically long standing relationships with its existing brokers and was reluctant to introduce a new service provider


We developed a highly automated clearance solution for the customer that met their cycle time and price expectations.  We worked with the customer to access commercial invoice information direct from them (via EDI) and to source EDI manifest details from their freight forwarder


Customized Implementation

  • Your business is unique. Shouldn’t your customs broker treat it that way?
  • We tailor our services to meet your specific needs
  • We create an implementation plan / road map
  • We will draft standard operating procedures
  • Scheduled benchmark meetings throughout implementation

Our initial “scope of work” meeting prior to starting any work allows us to determine our customer’s requirements and provides a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities